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Watch List- Nov 25th, 2019
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November the markets have risen on low volume but still a great month for the healthcare sector. Fed has had to pump extra funds into the system as well 75b daily and even more recently. So using a mixed strategy is useful going long good names and picking up on dips and adding gold miners as well which has been a theme i've focused on for a long time since Dec 2015. Usa uranium stocks dropped hard as Trump decided not to put a cap on imports but i'm still bullish on EFR.TO as more demand coming in and utilities need product. Certain names are pushing higher like roku until the big dump and then recovery. The oil market is holding but not strong as tensions with iran could spark a huge rally (if usa attacks) $58 is resistance so watching that as an inflection point. Overall expect more weakness in the fall as derivative risk is increasing with banks like deutsche bank (over 60 TRILLION!) FANG stocks r okay for a while. Fed is capping the interest rate hikes in 2019 began cutting in july and sept but now on pause. TLT ETF has been on a tear this month but looks topped out as well at 148 Look at more mining stocks under the 150 hui level (look at the move in june-wow posted in april-may... Rise is underway with many stocks up bigtime since late dec. Gold is looking good a solid hold on dips this year under 1280 (boy that was low considering where its at now) as entries which can now be 1425. waiting for lower entries near 1420-1450 might not work if 1445 holds ...but keep a core position because this thing has legs. Upside is still huge in 2020. Platinum is really cheap near $900 usd (pplt) but i don't like it given the fundamentals. Interest rates are still low and mortgage rates are at a new low after this bond rally. MJ space is downtrending a lot but still select names to buy soon like potn (most were way overpriced). Cryptocurrencies continue to see a lot of volatility off after peak of $13900 and a lower high of $13200 and now making a break of 10k once things unravel and just touching the 50% retracement level at 6800. Some noise regarding the IRS has spooked markets. GBTC re-add on dips like to the 7 to 8k area after posting a 12- 15$ target early this year. Looking for entry points on interesting quality altcoins. certainly need to be careful to not chase but tomo, rune, utk, ftm, otl and dag, link, rcn, tnt, ox look decent.  Solid projects like vechain are always in style especially now that they linked with walmart. Chainlink has done well also but can cool off for a time like matic. Zero X is a long term play too. Atomic swaps and decentralized platforms will grow as well in the coming years but been a slow start. Many big managers are moving into the space so that is a good sign longer term and projects are in development full steam ahead which will support the industry in this young bear market although limited applications yet, while retail is not adding for the most part. It's hard to know where the market will go for the balance of 2019 but with regulations and lower liquidity. Bakkt scheduled for Sept 2019 and tzero is active now which is interesting for overstock (ostk) (up 80% in july, but recently sold off hard from 29 to 10 after CEO left) Wallstreet joining the party along with the asians adding once again with clear rules on taxation and security and custodian backed funds. Be careful not to chase pump and dumps and buy value with good solid team backing the project. Security tokens will rule 2019 and beyond. More companies are accepting btc as bill payments which is quite common in asia already. XRP is talking with banks to switch the swift system so that could propel it soon to 50 cents from about 23 which is a good first entry point with a stop near 19 or simply add the dips upto that point.

The small cap space continues to look appealing especially after the support in metals. Zinc, copper, nickel, tungsten continue to look decent for the future with EV (electric vehicles) revolution with nano one (nno.v) as good value at $1 (now 1.20) and uranium likely started its bull run in May 2018 as supply is cut from kazakhstan, canada (cameco) and new restarts in Japan. ( nxe.v and uec and ptu.v interesting in uranium sector and pullbacks in under $2.50). Sector is oversold no question after 7 years in the penalty box but world cannot do without nuclear. EnviroLeach is making some significant progress in alternative mining methods and is one to watch. There is value in good companies in the energy space too like eog.v (monster move called it (but now down on poor results which i think is temp.) and odd company but now overall others are getting cheap. Hide in good gold names like atlantic gold (bought out) (next, royalty projects like mta.v (moving along very well) and a basket of names and for aggressive players. Couple plays like westhaven and great bear (gbr.v) have really rocketed in fall 2018 but overpriced. Remember these are high risk and many won't deliver for shareholders lately as exploration is risky. Whn.v hitting it outta the park and possible buyout exists in the future if more ozs are proved up.  Suggesting to move some to nrn.v and bay.v, gg.v and got.v and core names like,  in 2019 and 2020. westhaven in a consolidation period after recent hole failed to attract buyers which is not totally surprising.  amx.v also has moved a lot (20 cents to 1.20 and now .64 but climbed back) and but market is not reacting positively to results... good to add dips given the potential. note: BPGDM index is starting to base atm so just understand dips are good and healthy. Some names like pgm.v are moving higher on strong volume given good fundamentals.

As for the Mining Sector like gold/silver and other metals and some other small caps i'm following the below and will put a top 50 medium risk list and a high risk/ high upside list together as well as some other stocks in other sectors so upto 50 in total including ones to watch. Expect mining sector to continue higher in steps with low cost names like first majestic and b2gold and goro, sbgl. Several large caps seeing historical gold/mining ratio lows. Also some long positions in crypto spring 2020 look appealing if the market continues to slide triggering more stops. long term still very bullish as financial sector needs a makeover. Gold equities are still making higher lows but coming into a correction late march-may... bullish by Nov -Dec. again on- GDX and JNUG after a minor correction as long as the general market holds up- continued upwards bias for the foreseeable future. USD breaking past 104 on the index would cap gold for the short term. were at 98ish now.

Equities- mostly speculative small cap with high growth rate potential- looking for a pullback in miners now but still very bullishBold as top value ideas only. Please follow proper risk management tools and all listed could go to zero and one could lose 100% of your capital. Please see and talk to a professional advisor and do your own homework. Nothing listed can be taken as advise and by reading this, you agree to not hold authors responsible. See disclaimer also on home page

1. Energy fuels- value under $2.30- take profits @4 target -10- long term hold- first added to watch list at 2.70- hard drop on the trump decision- undervalued atm- consider nkw.v under 18 cents as well but need confirmation of wind project western BC- germany has gone stale on wind and focusing elsewhere as economics point to more cheaper sources which has to include nuclear
2. Dec 7th- usa silver- value at 1.90- silver/zinc play- Strong performer- pulled back from 4.90 to 3.40 fall correction so far. 3.25 should hold
3. b2gold- super value under $3.20- solid producer- also consider at 75 cents- long term hold and takeover target- excellent cash flow- been great what can i say
4. Amex Exploration- amx.v- .60- waiting on further drill results- holding its own- back to .90 then 1.20 and higher- looking solid
5. NEW-Liberty Gold- ( - under 90 cents- mid 2020 resource estimate- production 2021? very nice holding the trendline
6. Excellon resources- stop @ $.80 Great projects, on the mend- 3$ target 2019-2020- large pp closed around 15 million- watch- surprised at weakness- hold or add- sil.v has done extremely well and that was an old pick in 2010 but leading the pack-
7. Torchlight energy- trch- under 60 cents usd-buyout over $8 possible was old pick near these levels but great potential
8. WDO.TO and MOZ.TO- both solid on dips- is a prime takeover candidate- pushing to new highs atm at 1.60
9. Sirios Resources- soi.v - good value under .17- large resource potential. Play also near great bear (gbr.v) which continues to deliver and now over $2 (4X roi recently)- but got overpriced
10. Aug 18th, 2018- Nano one technologies- nno.v- strong value under $1.10-now at 1.25-dips r ok- battery tech
11. -Novo Resources Corp-nvo.v- value under 80 cents- initial target $3 exceeded and now regained. still like it. australia play new areas- take profits or hold for drilling- huge run recently on the nugget found but 2 mills nearby could really get this into production fast- Just a 8 bagger since the pick this june 2017-on the cash out near 7$- many months of assays in the works- still lots of work to be done but mining is surely a possibility in 2020... also pac.v under .16 is good spec- moving on volume
12. Compass gold- cvb.v- add small under .25... low market cap... could rally to $1 if next results are good. high risk though-
13. NEW for fall 2019- PGM.V under 70 cents- solid name
14. New- OCt 2019- EnvironLeach Technologies- eti.c- under 1.30 ideal- big move since 80 cents in the past month but upside still significant as alternative to cyanide processing in the mining industry.
15. New early nov.- fcel- buy under 80 cents- could be hot in 2020!!
16. NIO- buy under $2- stop 1.50- target 10x in 2 years- aggressive players can buy calls
17. Sabina Gold and Silver Corp.-( value at 1.60- great projects and management hold- if you bought higher hold or add or FR.TO also 2 good mining plays @2.50 $ and $7 respectively
excellent long term mines for silver- as is paas and cde
18. NEW- galane gold- gg.v at 10 cents
19. Osisko Metals-om.v -strong value under .60- great management with experience- 10,000 meter drilling to come this summer-waiting on volume- production in 2 years? insiders buying  heavy under .60- not sure if can replicate arizona's run and buyout but that would be great- fwz.v at .55 also decent
20. New for dec 2019- puts on blk at 485, srpt at 110 and ttwo at 120
21. New- Teva pharma at 7 usd looking to turn- yes were back over 10 now!! unh can be great on the options side- time to wait for dips still targeting 15 bucks
22. CONSIDER dec 2019 on crypto dip- DASH.V at .07 in the crypto space or blok.v- btc near 7 to 8k with gbtc
23. irving Resources- irv.c -properties in japan and africa- lots of potential- value at 80-90 cents- $4 target in a year possible- add on strength under 1- very good trend this year- looking great. 2.09 -new highs- very nice so far now 3- excellent run and potential
24. Aug 24th- Revival Gold- rvg.v- value 60 cents- building a resource over 3m oz
25. Relevium Technologies Inc. Rlv.v- value under 5 cents...- hit initial target at 25 cents hit- products now in Walmarts but need Qtr 1 results- slow going lately but insider buying and more PR now and share price moving off the lows- future is still open for gains with big moves in namaste and hexo before but the whole sector needs time to bottom out- been a tough 2019 but new states coming onboard-
26. Avivagen-viv.v- @48- pullback from .90 and been supported around 45 cents- not been great lately time to rotate elsewhere unless new orders come in- value yes- bouncing back nicely
27. Sept 10th-2018- eco Atlantic oil and gas- eog.v- value at 70 cents- recently retreating from 1.70 to 1.20 but like it-  raising target to $3- WOW nice hit... not a good result lately so profit taking is key as look at the recent drop again--- reminds me of another big oil play back in 2006 oilexco... did 10X back then
28. Agg.v -soon to gold project under .40 is ideal- this is a prime long term play in gold
29. Royalty play heating up -ely.v at 11 cents- very big opportunity in the making, under .65 (takeover candidate), under .45, os.v at 5 cents- ely.v consistantly higher to .40 now- wow
30. SLV April 2020 17$ calls in dec.
31. Consider- Uranium Energy Corp- uec- buy under 90 cents- longer term play on uranium boom- good play from nov to feb.- one of the best management teams- overlooked for sure or bet on cameco
32. New dec 2019- global hemp group- at 3.5 cents- this is a good runner as fundamentals should point this to 15 cents plus in 2020- buy low sell higher
33.  sbm.v- add dips under .30 if possible but near 35 cents could be ok- rebound in play now- more news to come!!
34. Regulus Resources inc.- reg.v- value under $1.20- drilling to come on the Antakori area- Accumulate for takeover- $5 target IF results come in strong. Decent copper holes but kc.v might be better- trend higher again but surprised at the low accumulation and minimal price movement- watch for now
35. -westhaven ventures- whn.v - good stuff in 2018 but good to sell when all looks gd with stops hit at 1.20! makings of a big winner already but do consider to rotate half out to new specs- but all depends on next holes- reaction to last hole not great- trim positions to 1/4 max and can re add if/when further holes create more value-possible takeover but a ways out- support at 55 cents- drilling again and pick up in price- price pumping to 90 cents again
36. CVSI- under $1.30 is a good weed play- upside 2-3X possible- sector has been very weak so be vary
37. .05- looks like things are happening in 2020... add now and on strength as more news comes thru-10x potential in the coming years- patience is key
38. Aug 1- Kraken Robotics- png.v- value under 38 cents- or wait for news- $1 target- solid overlooked play- now .60- 50 should hold- kinda boring though
39. dec 2018- alexco resources corp- under 1.30 have value- silver deposits and large potential going forward- add before production announcement!!  monster move so far in 2019 and just getting started- water permit coming will launch this- retesting lower 2's for another entry point
40. Aurania resources ltd. -aru.v- value under $2.20- $10 target perhaps if they execute- don't chase this one- came back to earth near 2.20- patient on this one
41. nov 16th- gold mining inc. value at 80 cents- quality ozs in the ground- its a value play on gold and the team adding ozs in ground not to mine neccesarily
42. Xle options short term on Iran war indication- perhaps dec?- option to put some risk capital to work for short term only
43. wday, anet, bkng, cmg, azo puts on resistance levels- 180, 240, 1900, 800, 1170 strikes? just be careful on options and trim if market is pushing sideways- all moved hard in the fall- still like to play them as well as other prime high beta names like tesla or amazon
44. Dec 7th- GBTC ETF-  4 is ok for a position- moving up sharply on bitcoin prices- take profits at 15- rebuy dips to 8- year later were back to higher lows but time required to put in the confirmation- that was almost a year back-- what a ride- look for a bottom either now or confirmed in spring 2020
45- New- oct 2019- Brixton Metals- under .22- exploration in hot gold areas including golden triangle drillign results mid oct?
46. Metalla Royalty and Streaming ltd- mta.v- excellent value under 80 cents- this was a 1 cent company in dec 2015, now $1- great business model better than Like what they are doing!!- new highs -excellent
47.Mission ready- mrs.v- value under 19 cents- climbing to .26... target 2-3$ looking for a spring 2020 move or sooner and ultimate target much higher- pat.v is a value play under $1.70-
48. New April 12th- azm.v at .35 - well the results spoke- back to 40 cents plus--- watch
49. Gold resource corp- goro- new at $3- no debt- great play on gold kinda like sbgl which has done 300% in 6 months
50. Kutcho copper- kc.v- value under .15 cents, exploring for high grade copper in B.C. $4 million pp done at $.45 recently in 2018- higher risk if want large copper is the go to name- value under $1.70 in washout or add under $2.50 if $2 holds- $15 2020-2021 target if politically things pan out- financing in place- world's largest copper story but it is in Africa with PEA in place- moving higher as expected

Cyptocurrencies- the hottest new asset market ever witnessed!- trade with extreme caution!

- Market cap heavy support at 105-130 billion-mid july 2017 expect total to go to 1-2 trillion by 2021- Tangle technology with iota is still new and needs time to develop same with iot. Bankers recently bought on the Chinese ICO scare and the Jamie Dimon newsflash- scaring the market and loading up the european ETF behind one's back at the BTC level of $3500! Consider a rotation into solid projects and hold on to your hat in 2018- fall opportunity nov-dec. (how about that timing:))

Bitcoin- value under 4k- but rotate into alts on dips no question that's where the action will be in 2019 after regulations and possible ETF approval. Diversify and build on key projects with working platforms.

Summer 2017- now modified but still decent value once btc is in uptrend
#Factom - value at $8- half position- should do very well in 2018- add on weakness under 15- on a tear hold- add under $7 atm- rotate into other coins -solid
#siacoin- sc- value under .01 - no target yet- cloud storage- take profits at 10 cents- consider under .01
#Neo- value under $6- big in with microsoft and chinese alibaba- could go to $100 by 2020- keep adding!!! get paid 8% in GAS while waiting
#EMC2- Einsteinium- value under 6 cents-wow! now .35- consider dips- sell half at .85- consider other names not this anymore
#Dash- watching for support which was at $230-280- great coin- top tier -  consider at 500 on weakness- take profits over 1k and move on
#Iota- Tangle technology with the internet of things- consider under 35 cents- still early stage- take profits at 1.40- consider at .95 or under-solid growth long term- solid or add some iot
#bitcoin cash- value under 600$- hold- btc alternative- don't add dips just ride til it stops the uptrend
#NLC2- No limitcoin- value under 15 cents- take profits over 40 cents- move on to others

new since dec 10th, 2017

#electroneum-etn- value under .02- mining app coming out on the 5th of march- still weak but largest subscriber base of all coins- now at ico price or 150 sats- KYC in place now
#cardano-ada- value under 12 cents- wow now 50 cents- take heavy profits over $1.20 still ok-  look again under 7 cents
#EOS- value under $2- great potential with Dan Larimer- solid holding but early in development like Tron- may-june big months for these coins

Some data lost on the 50 coins posted a while back- lots of ways to get onboard for the coming 3-5 years as development continues. expecting more volume on the ones with real progress and sustainable teams